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Hi, I'm Maddix!

A family girl and country music fanatic with the biggest sweet tooth. I'm currently studying at Southern Utah University and loving the college life! I plan to continue pursuing photography until the day I can't lift my camera anymore;), and I will take any opportunity I get to get out and be creative. I feel the most alive when I'm laughing with fun friends and those I love most, watching the sun set in the country on my grandparents farm, or listening to the waves crash into shore on the beach. I'm a night owl through and through, but always seem to regret my decisions of staying up until 3 AM checking things off my to-do list come morning.

I have been drawn to photography ever since I can remember and have spent the past 6 years building up my business and learning all the things I can to improve my work and better my client experience. I cannot go anywhere or do anything without relating anything and everything to photography. I am constantly on the lookout for new locations and catch myself daydreaming about shoots or new ideas during class. I truly love photography SO much and put my heart and soul into this passion of mine. It is something that has blessed my life so much and I will forever be so deeply grateful for not only the creative outlet it has become for me, but most of all for the incredible people I have been able to meet who have now become some of my closest friends.

Photography lights my fire and I cannot even wait to get to learn more about you and your story and convey that through your photos. We will blast your very favorite music at your session and have the BEST time together, and we may even walk away as new bffs. I cannot wait to meet you!!

xx, Maddix


  • I began photography in 9th grade, and soon after began doing photos for friends and family. From there it turned into something more, and I have been doing photography ever since!

  • My first destination wedding was in Hawaii, and it just happened to also be my first flight! I quickly learned how to navigate the airport all by myself and have since traveled to 4 more states for weddings. I feel so lucky to be able to travel to new pretty places I may have not visited before to capture your big day!
  • I studied at Southern Utah University for 2 years, until I decided that I was already doing was just what I planned to do once I graduated. I believe time is money and took photography full time in May of 2022, and have put all my focus and attention into photography. It has been amazing getting to focus on something I am so passionate about and give it my 100%. 

Does it sound like we'd be a good fit?

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